Concrete granulate

During collection, the mono flow of concrete waste is separated so that we are able to produce high-quality certified concrete granulate.

Concrete granulate is often used as a foundation layer in specific heavily loaded road construction works where the strength of the road and/or the terrain requires it (e.g. container terminals). There are also applications in concrete mixtures as a substitute for primary gravel.

We produce the concrete granulates in gradations 0/16 mm, 0/31.5 mm and 20/40 mm.

Mixer granulate

At the end of the 1970s, the Dutch government decided that concrete and brickwork (mineral construction and demolition waste streams) should no longer be dumped. This was the starting point for recycling these waste streams into reusable products. REKO has all the equipment necessary to process these waste streams and produce high-quality granulates for road construction on a large scale.

We supply these mixed granulates in gradations 0/16 mm, 0/31.5 mm, 20/40 mm and 40+ mm. We also supply hydraulic mixer granulate 0/45 mm.