About us

From waste to raw materials using the most advanced recycling technology

Recycling Kombinatie REKO B.V. is a leader in the production of reusable raw materials. To this end, REKO converts waste materials into new raw materials for the construction industry by using the most advanced techniques. REKO's activities make it possible to close the mineral raw materials chain for a 100%.


Within our mission, we make an essential contribution to a more sustainable society. REKO BV implements the processing of mineral waste in a transparent, environmentally friendly and innovative manner. Using the most advanced equipment, we are able to produce high-quality building materials and energy from mineral waste.

We are constantly working on making our processes more sustainable. The total reuse of waste materials, i.e. without residual flows, is something we put into practice every day. Valuable materials are thus continually reintroduced into the production chain, creating a continuous circle.

Our processing site

Since 2000, REKO has been located at Vondelingenplaat near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. This location is strategically located in the heart of Rotterdam's main port and is easily accessible by road and water.

The 33-hectare site features our three primary activities: a crusher for the production of granulates, two thermal treatment plants for cleaning tar-containing asphalt and two plants for generating electricity from residual heat. The crusher and the thermal treatment plants are among the largest of their kind.